The first step in understanding How to Forgive Your Parents is to understand that they too are human. They have the same hurts and experience the same pain we go through on a daily basis. No one gets to escape pain in life. Just like you, our parents and have their own stories, they too are broken and wounded souls.

When you’re hurting you probably can’t think about anyone else, but yourself in that moment. Our natural inclination is to give back what we have received (payback). Whether we lash out at them in words or give them the silent treatment we are hurting them too.

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There’s a saying that hurt people hurt people, and that’s the truth my friends. So in order for us to forgive them, we definitely have to understand why forgiveness is for everyone.

How to forgive your parents in 3 steps:

#1 Find the Reason for Your Anger

Why am I so frustrated and can’t forgive my parents? We get so angry, then tense, and that toxic emotion drives us into control mode. We want to control everything around us because we can’t control what’s going on the inside of us. We know something is not right but we can’t  figure  it out. (This is deep right).

#2 Let Go 

So now we have to learn how to let go all that hurt and get some peace in  our soul. We all want that connection, that feeling of love.  We want to feel wanted, cared for.  Unfortunately, if we didn’t receive that from our parents it deeply hurts us and makes us angry. Why? Our first connection is with our parents. If we never felt love from them we have an empty hole that we will search around to fill. We feel so lost and all alone and we will search  for that one thing we didn’t have until we learn to break the cycle.

#3 Forgive

In the Bible, the Our Father prayer tells us to forgive the one who hurt us so that our father can forgive us.

My father sexually abused me as a child into my teenage years, and I hated him for a long time. The anger caused my life to be a mess. I made a lot of bad choices  in my life and I didn’t know what to do. I was reading a book, it was a long time ago…  So, I don’t  remember the name at this time.

The book changed my life, as I was reading, it said that when Jesus was on the cross, he said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

It was a light bulb moment for me.

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So I ran with it and started saying it repeatedly. I wrote it down about a hundred times. I literally ate it because at that time my life was horrible. I was sick and tired of living in anger and resentment, I was ready for a new beginning  in my life.

I became very intentional in my healing process to forgive my parents for shortcomings.

My mom wasn’t there for me either. I resented her for not coming to get me when my father kidnapped me, so I forgave her too for not protecting me from my father.

Children associate their parents not being there for them as they’re not lovable, so they internalize  it and think they’re worthless.

The key to forgiving your parents is letting go, releasing  all of our problems onto Jesus for he already died for us on the cross to set us free. It’s our willingness to be well, to be whole, to be healed, to want more out of our lives, to do better and to be better.

Thank God for teaching me how to forgive and live in peace, a peace that surpasses all understanding.

That’s the peace that Jesus gave. God is Love. That’s why God tells me to share my testimony with you all of Jesus’ love and mercy. 

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