4 Steps To Let Go and Let God!

We can try to control every situation in our life and mess everything up badly. Let go and Let God means that we stop trying to do everything in our own strength.

3 Steps to BREAK Free from Guilt!

Shame and guilt are toxic emotions that will damage your spirit overtime. Let me help you break free and overcome by dealing with the root cause.

How To Remove the Spirit of Fear!

I was teased and laughed at by my classmates and it became even harder for me to talk. A part of me was still locked in a box and I just couldn’t find the key to come out.

How To DESTROY The Spirit of Rejection!

I was afraid of them rejecting me because I saw myself as a bad little girl. The spirit of rejection was my bestfriend. Let me teach you these strategies to heal and recover.

3 Steps To Forgive Your Parents!

The first step in understanding How to Forgive Your Parents is to understand that they too are human. Here are 3 other steps to help you heal.