The spirit of rejection causes us to feel unwanted, unloved, and worthless. These emotions are very hard  to overcome. Rejection is a built-in emotion from childhood, which causes the spirit to become a stronghold in the lives of many.

What is the Spirit of Rejection? It is a spiritual stronghold on the lives of people that have had emotional and traumatic pain. The spirit causes people to feel unloved and then act in damaging ways because they fear abandonment and people thinking they’re horrible. The spirit whispers to the person things that keeps them trapped in fear, isolation, shame, and pain.

The root causes of rejection begins within neglect (emotional or physically) and abuse in your childhood home. For instance, your daughter or son comes to you to talk. Whenever they come to the parent, the parent is always telling them you’re too busy. When they want to play, the parent may say, “Not now, I have something to do.”  This communicates to the child that what the parent was doing was more important than them.

Children internalize those behaviors and tell themselves you don’t love or want them.

We do so many things without realizing the impact it has on human emotions. Especially children under the age of 6 or before their 8 birthday.  I believe everything that goes on at that age stays there in their mind and emotions. Then, those pains will help to drive their behavior throughout adulthood.

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Sometimes children are so shy, because they feel they are not going to be accepted. So they stay by themselves or they will do anything to draw attention to themselves. My journey was like that, I believed nobody wanted to be my friend. I was afraid of them rejecting me because I saw myself as a bad little girl.

As a grown woman, sometimes I still feel that way. But, I don’t let it affect me as much as it did before.

The key to breaking the spirit of rejection is self-love and knowing your identity in Jesus Christ. You have to start loving yourself from the inside out and build up the areas that are lacking.

I speak to the little girl inside and tell myself that I love me everyday.

Life and death is in the power of your tongue.

Speak life by speaking positive things about yourself. 

Learning how to love you is vital to your health. Also, learning how to forgive will set you free. My healing from rejection came when I became aware I had to stop running away from the pain. I had to stay in that hurt place until it left, I had to refuse to do anything healthy to remove the pain. 

Yes, it was painful, but I wanted healing more than anything. I wanted to feel love and wanted the love of a man. I wanted to be healthy enough to be in a relationship with a man that loved me for me, and not just to use my body for his own pleasure.

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During my healing process, I met this young man and he wanted to date me. So, I was vulnerable and I decided I wasn’t running. But, he only wanted my body. I wanted to get married. Eventually, I found out he was already married. The spirit of rejection tried to come over me again. The spirit wanted me to go back into old toxic habits.

I felt the hurt. It was painful but I overcame it with grace. I choose to continue on my path of healing. I choose to deal with those emotions healthy. That’s the hardest part of the journey… Situations come that try to bring back the same pain you are healing from.

Now, after years of work,  it doesn’t affect me anymore. If that happened now, I would  say, “Boy Bye!” with a smile.

This is big for me. You can read more of my testimony of childhood sexual abuse, adulthood promiscuity, and leaving behind my toxic emotions and behaviors. In my book, No More Masks, I share my very painful past from childhood all the way to adulthood. I believe it will really help you to heal from rejection, anger, guilt, fear, and control.

I want to help you learn how to destroy the spirit of rejection by living in the light. Ultimately, God is our divine healer, he can do all things if we believe. He’s living on the inside of us and when we become intentional about our healing we can do all things through  Christ Jesus .

Jesus can do it for you too. Trust him.

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